Gleb Shulpyakov
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He is a poet who understands the spiritual richness of existence
Evgenу Rein
Shulpyakov’s book of essays invites to give another thought to the age-old conflict: Where does the West end and the East begin? Is Russia an Asian country, even halfway? Russia serves as the point of attraction and the author’s self-reflection. Ensuring the book’s thematic diversity, the author covers the perennial topics of history, culture, and literature, all considered in a global context; whereas the semantic depth is achieved by more private motifs. The West toward the East looks like a philological experiment: the author is trying to come to terms with his cultural inheritance, resolve the conflict between the tradition and fluidity, and discover a fitting place for himself and his country in a global context.
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His poems speak loudly while speaking through silence as well
John Kinsella
About the author
by Anatol Chechik
Gleb Shulpyakov is a Russian poet, author of several books of poetry, prose, travel and literature essays, and numerous criticism for Russian periodicals. Poems translated into English, German, Bulgarian, French, Arabic and Chinese languages. Lives in Moscow.
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His prose is the most honest attempt of generational self-reflection
Evgeny Abdullaev
by Anatol Chechik