Gleb Shulpyakov
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Finest poems and the finest translations of them
John Kinsella
Batyushkov is sane
An artistic study of the life and art of Konstantin Batyushkov (1787-1855), one of the most paradoxical classics of Russian poetry. Mental illness overtook him, but his legacy continues to hypnotize readers. The book recreates the circumstances of personal, literary and secular life. His friends and family, favourite poets and artists, literary intrigues come to life. We travel through Europe, living the events of 1812-1814, the Battle of the Peoples and the capture of Paris, which poet witnessed and participated in.

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These poems are fresh, thoughtful, open
Fanny Howe
About the author
by Anatol Chechik
Gleb Shulpyakov is a Russian poet, author of several books of poetry, prose, travel and literature essays, and numerous criticism for Russian periodicals. Poems translated into English, German, Bulgarian, French, Arabic and Chinese languages. Lives in Moscow.
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He is a poet who understands the spiritual richness of existence
Evgenу Rein
by Anatol Chechik